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It’s really amazing to be part of the Passive Wealth Group.
You may have this question in mind:
“How is it possible that Passive Wealth Group can help others to create freedom, without charging any fee for its system and training?”
Since it’s inception about 2 years ago, today, there are thousands of members in the group. More importantly, the training and system have been PROVEN to work because many are already generating USD each month, even myself.
If you want it for free too, please email me at or whatsapp me at 012-2905885.
We’ll be having an upcoming “by-invitation only” LIVE online mini-seminar on this 29th Nov (Tuesday) to reveal the truth about the 200-Billion dollar home-Based business industry and to answer your questions. So I want those who take action to PM me to get invited to our LIVE online mini-seminar.
It’s online so you can attend from your home. Awesome right?
Email me at or whatsapp me at 012-2905885 here for your invitation link.
All the best!

Five-year ‘Leap’ in Food Prices

food price.jpg

Food prices have gone up the most in the last 5 years, some by more than 100%.

If the Chinese saying “Foodstuff is all-important to people” is to be taken seriously, one can imagine how much spike in food prices has impacted on people’s lives.

let’s see some facts here:

Roti canai – 60 sen >>>> RM1.20 to RM1.50. 100% increase

Canned drinks – RM1.20 at coffee shops >>>> RM 2.20 now.

Air suam – 30 sen >>> 60 sen

a plate of fried noodle – RM4 – 4.50 >>> RM5 – 6.

And there’s so respite from the waves of price hikes for those who do not eat out. Canned food prices have been going up yearly as well

Families with babies lament the increase in the prices of infant formula.

House prices on the average have been increasing by 10% a year, FAR GREATER than the pay raise of an average Malaysian.

Economist Datuk Chua Tia Guan said Malaysians should increase their income to offset the effects of inflation.

What’s your plan to increase your income? You can’t simply get another 9-6 job because you don’t have 2 24-hour a day. It’s time to work smart… you need a stream of income where you are only required to work 1-2 hours a day  consistently.

If you would like to find out what kind of work/job/business you need to be in to give you another stream of income, email me at

No experience required, just need to learn to copy and paste and follow all the steps closely. You will also be given free online trainings as well as offline. Most importantly, we have a very strong team support which is very crucial to your success.

Do You Believe in Yourself?

How is your day going on? Feeling excited that your life is progressing? 🙂

I would like to share my story to you. When I started my new online business, 99% of the people will tell me I will fail badly. But I chose to believe in myself. First I have to be consistent everyday on my work.

Everyday I learn new strategies from my free online training.

Everyday I implement at least 1 strategy.

I work overtime everyday. I wake up early in the morning to spend 1 hour learning while many are still sleeping.

Yes, I’m tired but I don’t complaint. I repeat it for a year. And yay! I found a success formula.


If you want to be successful in life, you have to be consistent in what you are pursuing.

When I was learning how to play piano, I always hit the wrong note. As I practice consistently everyday, my skill became super accurate.


When you FALL, GET UP!

You can take a look at our webinar to discover a way to achieve success in life with a home biz:


Dr. Vincent Giampapa – Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Hello!! how are things going on for you?

If you are not 100% happy with your overall health in regards to aging…. then this is for you.

dr vincent giampapaDr Vincent Giampapa was recently nominated for a 2014 Nobel Prize in the area of Stem Cell Research.

1. He is one of the pioneers the anti-aging movement 20+ years ago
2. He is one of the founding members and president of the american academy of anti-aging.
3. Has written 5+ books about Anti-Aging
4. Specializes in “Nutriceuticals” — which means focusing on the genetic level
5. He studies Telomeres, Stem Cells, and DNA research…

His biggest thing is there is no one single thing that can make a dramatic improvement in the anti-aging process.

His goal …
is to come up with an approach to improve your quality of life from the DNA upward…..

What’s REALLY cool…
is it entails combining the stem cell technology in our Luminesce skin care line… and the stem cell support (and much more) in our Reserve and AM/PM oral supplements.

I am THRILLED that he is one of our medical advisory board members here at Jeunesse.

Do watch this video presenting to you about Jeunesse

If you are very much interested on how to be part of this, check out this event here.

I’m ready to help you.


Do you want to know how we run our Jeunesse business? We have a very unique passive wealth system founded by the world-renowned internet guru and best-selling author, Patric Chan.

This system has enables me to get global customers aka global sales.

Come join our previews this month to learn how we run it. It’s really interesting and unique!!!

We are running 3 previews in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
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Want to earn USD every month?


Have you made mistakes before? To be transparent, I’ve made so many mistakes… that it’s hard to keep count.
Above everything else this is the #1 trait of every successful entrepreneur I know.
They made mistake after mistake after mistake, but just kept going.
The formula is pretty simple: try it, see what happens, adjust accordingly.
Every now and again something will come along that holds the potential for drastically accelerating the process.
When I look back, my biggest mistake was passing up those kinds of opportunities and continuing the ‘solo’ process of trial, error, correct…
Anyways, that’s why I wanted to tell you about something my team have put together for you – and I think it could really help your business…
Last month (July) was a very happening month for us.
We have a lot of new members grabbing the opportunity in joining our business team. They have seen the GREAT potential towards generating passive income with this business. Indeed, it is!!!
2016-06-18 17.00.50.jpg
If you find yourself working busily, nonstop, and feeling exhausted at the end of each month – ask yourself if the money you’re actually generating is worth it…
Because when we asked ourselves that same question, the answer was NO.
Fast forward several months and a few changes in business models, and we’ve found a scarily dependable business model for doing big numbers without killing ourselves…
Which leads me back to you and your business.
If any of the following sounds like you, I’d like to invite you to a special opportunity:
* You have to essentially “start your business over” each month and find your income very unreliable, up and down and up and down
* Facilitating and fulfilling the client work you sign is exhausting, and a part of you doesn’t even want to grow your income because you don’t want to simply “work more hours” (yet, you’d still like to earn more money – if there was a way to do it without working more)
* You’d love dependability (of income and your client acquisition), but don’t know what to do to create the “steady flow” that people always talk about
* You’d like to launch a new arm of your business and want to create a funnel that pulls in ice-cold traffic and reliably turns that traffic into high-value client
Sound like you?
Here’s what I’m proposing:
We’re opening up the calendar this month (and next) for a few strategy sessions, where we will run a few live previews and help you understand exactly what we did to grow our business, create consistency, and how you can leverage on our automated online system  into your business.
Every time we do this, a few of the strategy sessions don’t want to do it all themselves, and they ask for more ‘hands on’ help – and those people become our partners!
There’s no pitch for this and no pressure to do anything like this…
I’m just letting you know why we are doing these. If you see an opportunity for your business here, leave me a comment and I will be there to assist you. Or by email:
* Last thing: don’t wait or take time “making up your mind” on this.
The opportunity is limited and only the swiftest to react will be accepted for these preview sessions.

What I’d do, if I were you, is read this entire post again, see if it makes sense for you, and then go for it if you see yourself benefiting from this opportunity.